Ultrasonic pest repellers for general use

An ultrasonic pest control device is the most eco-friendly way to get rid of pests and unwanted animals, because it doesn’t kill them, it only scares them away, making your home, or business, uninhabitable for the pests thereby keeping the local ecosystem in balance.

Additionally, you don’t have to clean out dead insects. Plus, it is completely silent, non-toxic, and safe for pets and children. Most DIY pest control has some risks and downsides, which may cause you to end up spending more money in an attempt to control the pest problem on your own.

Chemical pest control products can be harmful to humans and animals that are not the intended targets of the chemicals. The long-lasting side effects of these chemicals are well documented and in some cases quite severe. 

Ultrasonic pest repeller devices are effective for residential as well as commercial use.

Properties can be feeding grounds for pests such as:

  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Birds

The ultrasonic sound emitted by our devices creates a very uncomfortable environment for pests thus driving them away. Unlike poisons, it is environmentally safe and easy to use.


When searching for pest control solutions for your property, the first thing on your list of priorities usually is the effectiveness of the product. Pest control products should be effective and efficient enough to get rid of pests. 


Many pest control products on the market today are expensive and require professional training to install or implement, which is not the case with Ultrasonic Pest Repellers.  Many products can place business owners in a difficult spot. It is not ideal to have a pest control vehicle in front of your premises or technicians running in and out of your business –that is not exactly great advertising. With our pest control solutions here at Pest Repellers, you can skip the middleman – the pest control is in your hands.  Our units are designed for easy use with just the push of a button.  Our eco-friendly products pack commercial-grade effectiveness into user-friendly solutions — great for businesses and homes of any size.

Mouse Control

They may be small, but mice can mean big problems for businesses or homes.  Mice are disease-carrying rodents and prolific breeders that are insatiable chewers — meaning they could pose structural problems for your building and possible health risks to those within it. To effectively get rid of mice without causing any damage to the environment, people, or pets, we recommend ® Ultrasonic Animal Chaser® (great for easy placement in any commercial or residential location). 

Rat Control

Smell a rat?

You’ll want to take care of it as quickly as possible. Where ever there is one rat, there is very likely more lurking around — and a rat infestation can cause major issues for businesses and homes.  Rats always cause major damage, be it structural or in a vehicle, because of their chewing and nesting habits.  They also pose serious health risks to people and pets due to the many diseases they tend to carry. Chase away rats with ® Ultrasonic Attack Wave Pestrepeller®

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